Should You Invest In EthConnect?

All I’ve been reading over the past few days is EthConnect is the next big thing, and how EthConnect is going to overthrow BitConnect. I must admit there may be some trust behind this and this platform looks truly amazing. I am very excited for what this team is bringing to the table.

I asked EthConnect developers if I am allowed to give bonuses to users who use my signup links as I want to help my readers. To my suprise I received a reply in just under 3 hours and they gave me this link:

By using my link located above you will receive a 8% bonus when you signup for EthConnect. This will grant you 8% bonuses on your ICO purchase or for any money you invest into their service.


My EthConnect Review

My first impression of the website is what a stunning and well made website this is. Comparing it to competitors such as RegalCoin which by the way if you invested into the ICO similar to EthConnect you would have made 50 times your money, as the ICO was at 85 cents and the current trading price is close to $50.

The platform offers a lending service in which you lend your cryptocurrencies to the platform and they then pay you up to 40% dividends per month on your lended money. This is one of the fastest ways to grow your money in crypto.

If you see this EthConnect review – you will see that these guys are going to make a ton of money, as the projections made by EthConnect are close to 60x your money in just under 2 months. This will be insane.

We have to say that among all of the ICOs we have reviewed we find that EthConnect brings the most when it comes to returns.

Most cryptocurrencies might give you a 10-15% gain over a few days, but we projecting EthConnect to reach $10 in just under a month which will be a 20x return in 4 weeks.

We hope you don’t miss out on this and most EthConnect FUD you find on the internet is most likely fake, but just realise that this service is going to be amazing.


Travel Guard Offers International Insurance

Travel Guard provides international travel insurance that covers flight cancellations, reimbursement for lost or stolen luggage, reimbursement for accommodations and expenses if your flight is delayed, emergency medical expenses and also medical transportation (if needed). If the location your are visiting happens to be attacked by terrorist Travel Guard will cover some expenses and damages incurred to you from the terrorist attack such reimbursement if your entire trip is canceled. Travel Guard’s LiveTravel assistance program provides 24/7 emergency services. This program will help with travel advice, passports, emergency cash transfers and relaying information to your family or friends.

The cost of their insurance ranges from 3% to 7% of your total trip cost. It can be customized to the type of trip you’re taking and the amount insurance you need. If you are going on a cruise or going to go mountain climbing, they can cover you with reasonable prices. They even offer backpackers insurance, missionary health insurance and skiing travel insurance plus a few others.

Travel Guard has a few features that will be very helpful to you in certain situations. For instance if you need to find an English speaking doctor while visiting a foreign country they can help you find one. If the location your are visiting is evacuated due to a natural disaster Travel Guard will cover your expenses and reimburse you for your tip. In the event of flight delays due to bad whether you will also be covered for accommodations and other expenses.

You don’t have to have a long trip planned to have insurance. They offer insurance even to those traveling for only a couple of days. If you do have a long trip planned Travel Guard can make sure you get the best out of your travel investments. Some things, like weather, are out of your control and could possibly ruin your entire trip. With insurance you don’t have to worry about losing money or being stuck in a bad situation thousands of miles away from home.

In the event that you need to file a claim you must call their customer service number and ask for a claim form. Claim information is explained in detail on their website. There are different requirements for each type of travel insurance they offer. You will need to keep all receipts and if, for example, your flight is canceled you must provide documentation (tickets and receipts) of any expenses incurred by you such as hotel accommodations, food and transportation. It usually takes between 5 -7 business days for your claim to arrive in the mail. In cases where you don’t need to provide original tickets or receipts you can do this by fax making the process much faster. Travel Guard also has a 24 hour automated hot line that allows you to check on the progress of your claim.